• 18th march (Saturday) | nus U town auditorium 2

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    Singapore’s bustling streets often reflect the focused intent of city dwellers bound for their next appointment. People go to work, shop, study and meetup with friends. Seldom do we deviate from the practicalities of the working life, the student life or raising a family.


    But set in the background of the daily grind are issues which are uniquely Singaporean. A concrete jungle. A strict rule of law. An enthusiastic startup scene. An increasing tolerance (or intolerance?) of non-traditional lifestyles. These are issues we are all familiar with, but not necessarily understand.


    Sometimes we challenge and grumble about it, but mostly we accept the way things are. Or do we?

    TEDxNUS 2017 moves the conversation towards unpacking these issues. We want to dissect, discuss and ultimately display what it means to be Singaporean, both the good and the bad, on a world stage.

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    11 Speakers. 2 Performers. 1 Hidden City.

    Luan Ee

    Founder, Kerbside Gourmet

    Singapore's First Food-truck

    Asia’s first social enterprise gourmet food truck that gives meal to the needy for every meal sold. Luan Ee's entrepreneurial journey has revealed to her the power of daring to “waste time” in defining and pursuing one’s success for oneself by stepping out of societal imposed frameworks.

    featured works in Al Jazeera English & the Guardian. With a keen interest in writing about social justice issues, Kirsten’s work has gradually revealed to her the strength of the human soul through how people find the strength and resilience to go on in the imminent face of death.

    Kristen Han


    Co-founder, We Believe In Second Chances

    Featured works in Al Jazeera English & the Guardian. With a keen interest in writing about social justice issues, Kirsten’s work has gradually revealed to her the strength of the human soul through how people find the strength and resilience to go on in the imminent face of death.

    Lee Xin Tian

    Performance Artist

    NUS student

    Through her work of interpretive dance and visual performances, Xin Tian wishes to share her narratives to impart awareness of personal issues dangerously shunned by society, like sexual assault. She seeks to challenge the negative prejudices and heighten consciousness of the everyday individual towards equality and acceptance.

    Debra Lam

    Co-founder, Society Staples

    (President’s Challenge 2015 Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year)

    Society Staples crafts community outreach events for corporates & learning institutes with Persons with Disabilities. Through her work, Debra wishes to highlight the privilege many Singaporeans often take for granted and encourage a culture of inclusivity.


    Migrant Worker

    Student, SDI Academy

    Home is a long distance away for Saiful. But that has not stopped him from constantly seeking avenues to stretch his potential and make the most out of his circumstances. Saiful will be sharing about his ambitions and expanding perceptions of migrant workers beyond their societal status.

    Ong Jiin Joo

    Chief Technology Officer, Garuda Robotics

    Jiin Joo tackles some of the world’s most critical agricultural issues by putting his extensive technological expertise to work at Garuda Robotics, by connecting drones, computer systems, algorithms and experts to solve problems that impacts our everyday life.

    Tan Yang Long

    Project Director of various Social Initiatives, Special Education Community

    NUS Student

    Yang Long has started 4 projects from the ground up in the SPED community, while studying, working and serving National Service. He believes that young people should dare to get into the volunteering arena and make a difference. Most of all, he seeks to challenge rigid definitions of success and existing stereotypes associated with the SPED community.

    Nor Lastrina Hamid


    Co-founder, Singapore Youth For Climate Action / #LepakinSG

    Lastrina started SYCA and #LepakinSG to promote climate action and the environmental movement in Singapore. She has since been awarded the NEA EcoFriend Awards 2016. Through her experience, Lastrina seeks to empower the audience to be urban environmentalists and aims to raise awareness of the multiple dimensions of climate change, including human rights.


    Dr Yau Teng Yan


    Chief Medical Officer, Holmusk

    Through his work, Teng Yan seeks to innovate data-driven solutions to bring chronic disease care into the everyday life, and push the audience towards ideating answers in seemingly rigid industries.

    How Choon Beng


    Deputy Director, Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

    As a passionate nature lover, Choon Beng believes that every piece of nature in Singapore is worthy of conserving. He also quietly does volunteer work with various animal rescue groups.

    Liu feng-yuan

    Director (Data Science), Government Digital Services

    In GovTech, Feng-Yuan heads a

    multidisciplinary data science unit that harnesses data science to drive evidence-based public policy and improve public service delivery. The team has worked to innovate citizen-centric solutions in healthcare, transportation, fraud detection and operations management.

    evanturetime (Performer)


    Evanturetime is the musical alias of Singaporean

    producer, Evan Low. The multi-instrumentalist wunderkind makes music and draws inspiration from encountered items - be it an instrument or something more unusual like a tree branch.


    maricelle (performer)


    Maricelle is an indie pop and RnB artist whose music is structured by unrestrictedly experimental electronic elements of UK pop-rock electronica and atmospheric vocals. Peppered with social commentary on city living, her lyrics explore her search for freedom and voice against a futuristic backdrop of pop culture and fluid identity.

  • proud sponsors

    Making it all possible


    Human Library Singapore aims to create a positive framework for conversations; challenging stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.


    In a Human Library, real people are on loan to readers, giving readers the opportunity to listen to their stories first-hand and challenge their preconceptions about the relevant issues.

    TEDxNUS is excited to partner with Human LIbrary Singapore to host a Human Library session during our lunch break. More details coming soon!